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Services We Provide

Insurance Verification & Eligibility

  • Confirm with your patient's insurance plan and eligibility information with a third party payer to determine the patient's financial responsibility for services rendered.

Pre-Authorization of Services

  • Contact third party payers to obtain approval before services are provided, ensuring you recieve the appropriate reimbursement

Account Follow-Up and Payment Resolution

  • Review explanation of benefits and remittance advice documents

  • Contact payers to resolve claims denials

  • Resubmit CMS-1500 claims

  • Respond to payer and patient correspondence

  • Follow-up on assigned accounts

  • Implement collection techniques to maintain current accounts, including monitoring for delinquent payments

Billing and Claims Submission

  • Complete, submit and process CMS-1500 claims for payments

  • Research and resolve claims payment issues 

Capturing Charges and Posting Payments 

  • Enter charges for services and procedures in the billing system 

  • Enter adjustments to patient accounts for payments received 

  • Generate balance receipts 

  • Reconcile daily work batches 

  • Preparing an audit trail 

  • Prepare bank deposits 

Provider Credentialing

  • Obtain, verify and assess the qualifications of a practitioner to provide care or services in or for a healthcare organization

  • Document credentials: evidence of licensure, education, training, experience or other qualifications

Non-Clinical Coding

  • Translate important medical information into simple codes for the purpose of documenting medical records and informing accurate billing

How it Works


Call or submit inquiry to schedule an appointment for an analysis of your outstanding work queue.


We create a plan to file your claims to reduce your work queue and increase your revenue.


We provide you with feedback for managing your work queues and pointers for reducing timely filing.

To Reduce Your Timely Filing Write Offs and Increase Your Revenue

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